Alpine Meadows Acrylic Painting

With this painting, the smooth, cool blue sky contrasted with the textured wild flowers and fluffy white clouds create depth and a feeling of being on top of the world.

mixing a gradient with acrylic paint.
Paint a stripe of pthalo blue at the top of the canvas. Add white the closer you get to the middle and then mix in more blue and then a little yellow to make teal.I gradient mixed with acrylic paint for a sky.

Here is the finished gradient from dark to light in the middle and then back to dark.

how to paint a cloud with acrylic paint
Then create a small cloud near the top by painting a white horizontal line and stippling white dots into a bubbly cloud form.
painting a horizontal line with acrylic paint.
Here it is step-by-step, first the irregular horizontal line brushstrokes and begin stippling dotted brush strokes upwards on the cloud.


The middle of the cloud should be tallest so stipple most brushstrokes in the middle.
The middle of the cloud should be tallest so stipple most brushstrokes in the middle. If you use your fingertips you can get a good effect.
painting a mountain in acrylic.
Using blue and yellow, with a little bit of red to make it darker, Paint a wavery line for the mountains’ edge from left to right, peaking in the middle right hand side of the canvas.
Fill it in with the pthalo blue and yellow mixture of acrylic paint.
Fill it in to the bottom with the pthalo blue and yellow mixture of acrylic paint.
Stipple a tree trunk crookedly straight line with a blend of black, red, blue. blue.
Stipple a tree trunk in a crookedly straight line with a blend of black, red, and blue. It should be most narrow at the top and widest at the bottom.
Some short, curved lines - like the bristles of a mascara wand- become the branches of a tree.
Some short, curved lines – like the bristles of a mascara wand, become the branches of a tree. Add downward strokes for small branches. Alpine trees are short even when full grown.
Stipple green on the branches to create foliage.
Stipple green on the branches to create foliage and needles.
Fill out the spaces on a tree.
Fill out the spaces on the tree with green dots. Add more white and yellow to the little bit of blue to get a light green.
Stipple red and yellow dots and let it blend with green.
Stipple red and yellow dots and let it blend with the green for variety. These are the Indian paintbrushes, arnica and lupines of the alpine meadow. Mix red, blue and white for purple flowers, red and white for pink flowers. Pick your favorite colors!
Keep going adding more green and even some white Until the whole alpine meadow is covered in flowers.
Keep going adding more green and even some white until the whole alpine meadow is covered in flowers.

Co-Creating at its Best! Fact

Esther Hicks Wayne Dyer
I read this book from start to finish all in one go and I’m sure I’m going to read it again because it was wonderful.

I love Esther; everything she writes is wonderful. I always enjoy listening to the sound of her pleasant voice, when I want to feel better. I listen to her guided meditation as often as I listen to the ones from

So I was really sure I would like this even before I read it. And it did not disappoint; it exceeded expectations and sent me immediately to a high flying disc. While silently reading next to my husband I would start laughing and the only way to get the joke is to read this book.

Wayne Dyer is a very intelligent and articulate person so his conversation with Esther is so interesting and she playfully and hilariously answers his question. I would love to hear the audiobook version of this conversational book.

My favorite part is when Esther tells the story of focusing upon blue glass, butterflies, and feathers and after a short time all of these things arriving into her experience just like Pam Grout talks about in E-Cubed. I would love to see so many butterflies and feathers as well!

I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.

hay house


barnes and noble


E Cubed is a Magic Book


This magical book is right up my alley. It’s everything fun about magical thinking!

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s full of silly and simple experiments … and following Pam Grout’s thoughts will put a smile on your face, and more. My favorite parts of this charming book are not the experiments (which are wonderful), but the anecdotes from people who did the experiments in E-Squared (the first book) and had heartwarming and incredible experiences. I could read those all day long!

The experiments are also effective – the proof is in the pudding. I see Nissan X-terras EVERYWHERE now, and think of Pam almost every-time. Why does a truck remind me of Pam? Read the book and find out!

One caveat- if you do an experiment and get no results, it’s very likely that you did not actually focus on the experiment like Pam requests. Try more meditation if you have trouble focusing.

This book is for people who like to have fun and feel happy! I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.


barnes and noble


hay house

Instagram Art Update

I post regularly on Instagram so here are some of the paintings I’ve recently photographed.


Day two of posting three paintings a day: Kitten Contemplation sold for $97

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Three Art Pieces in Five Days: b. Kitten Curious acrylic on canvas board $3500

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Three #Art Pieces for 5 days! Day 1: a. Mini Autumn Tree in a Gold Frame $25 free shipping

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#Kitchen #Painted!

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Lush Green Valleys and Evergreen Trees Watercolor Paintings

watercolor grass watercolor tree
Here is the watercolor artwork closer up. I painted the blades of grass first, then washed in more variegated green out to the white of the paper.
Watercolor Evergreen Tree on a lush green ground. Blades of grass against a purple clouded sky.
Watercolor Evergreen Tree on a lush green ground. Blades of grass against a purple clouded sky.
Watercolor painting. Big skies over a lush green valley.
Watercolor Painting. Big clouds in the sky over a lush green valley.
watercolor paintings trio purple blue green
Here are three new watercolor paintings I’ve done sitting over the fireplace.Latest 

Gallery of Recent Paintings

I stocked my shelves with some of my many paintings and other artwork, and I will have some of them for sale on my Etsy. I’m inclined to keep some of them for myself, but if there’s anything you like let me know and I’ll list it. All of the mini paintings are watercolors. The two goddesses Hecate and Diana are prints.  The Magic Red Roses are an acrylic painting.


Watercolor paintings of Monarch butterfly black and whit  cat mini paintings tulips clouds trees grass
i think these mini paintings of trees and grass and clouds and tulips are adorable. The small butterfly and cat watercolors are simple and sweet.


Hecate diptych print and mini watercolor paintings cat butterfly autumn tree snowflakes evergreens
The diptych depicts the goddess Hecate at the Crossroads with a fluffy white dog at day and at her night. Her torch looks like it’s really glowing. Mini paintings in watercolor of a cat a Monarch Butterfly and Snowflakes and an Autumn Tree.
Gold framed snowflakes and an autumn tree mini watercolors.
A sweet grey cat and a darling little butterfly in gold mini frames.
Goddess Diana and lotus and reindeer are the smaller framed work. Vibrant red roses on a lush green ground in acrylic paint behind.

Forests Mountains and Roses Red and White Mural

The color of red in our kitchen is terrible. It clashes with every color in the house, it matches none of our furniture, and it colors everything in the kitchen in an unflattering light. In a different house, with white cupboards and black countertops, with stainless steel or gold accents, it would absolutely be amazing. In the process of painting over the red, I started looking at red mural ideas and discovering most of them were cherry trees or roses. So I decided to riff off those ideas in my own distinct style instead of the clip art/ off the rack choices I’d seen online.

The roses are heavily stylized- think of Beauty and the Beast, tattoos by Dave Quiggle, and the deciduous tree and evergreen tree are pure observation committed to memory. The mountain is inspired by Mount Rainier, but it can’t be accurate as I’ve only glimpsed the mountain from the freeway and never sat down plein air to learn how it looks.

If I was going to really finish this mural, I’d take out my gold Tiger’s Eye Martha Stewart Metallic paint and start filling in some of those negative shapes, and I’d do the sky in a baby blue with atmospheric perspective, to tone done the red. But since I’m planning on painting over the whole wall because of the total clashing red, I won’t be using any of the $25 gallon paint here!

Next to the Guitar Room

A photo posted by Katana Dufour (@katanaleigh) on

I showed these photos to my art class at school. I knew they’d give me a good critique. They told me, “It’s like being in a forest!”

Why am I painting over this gorgeous mural? This red background was painted without permission by a previous tenant. It matches nothing, so we’ve received permission to paint over it. I’m using white primer to create the mural because I wanted to do a portfolio piece, but I will be painting over the whole wall eventually. The red just clashes with the slate gray countertops and the white sage walls in the adjoining room, as you can see here. I’ll do the whole room in white primer and then color match to the living room (that light sage color next to the red below). I would match to the countertops, but they are laminate and that gray blue is too cold for this climate.

  Just because you can use painters tape doesn’t mean you should. Going to have to lose the red on our kitchen.   A photo posted by Katana Dufour (@katanaleigh) on

What? #cat   A photo posted by Katana Dufour (@katanaleigh) on

What are you doing this weekend? #mural #art A photo posted by Katana Dufour (@katanaleigh) on

Red and white mural art love light   A photo posted by Katana Dufour (@katanaleigh) on

I chose mountains, trees, and roses, because they are so much fun to paint and they make me happy to look at. I liked the drips because they created a nice striping effect to bridge the middle ground of the deciduous tree with the foreground heavily stylized swirls and roses. You can see my appreciation for graffiti art in this, as well as my more classical art-school subject matter. And the blending of the two is so post-post-modern. I love it. It’s making this red so much easier to live with.

The Best App for Coloring Pages on Ipad

If you want to use your iPad for coloring pages, the best app for it is Procreate.

There may be coloring page specific apps but with Procreate, ANY black and white drawing can become a coloring page. Coloring pages can easily be erased- or, you can color the same page multiple times without deleting your past work. You can edit the linework, too.

Even though it is aimed at professional artists and illustrators such as myself, this app is straightforward enough for children and non-tech savvy adults alike. With this tutorial, I will teach you the easy way to import coloring pages of any black and white art you can find, unlike coloring page specific apps which require you to wait for  updates when you want to color a new picture.

Teach Your Child to Use This Coloring App

Say “Watch” as they sit beside you. Open the app, Go through the process of importing a coloring page. Then tap the brushes menu and the color icon to select a color. Then close the app. Now it’s the child’s turn. I have used this app with children as young as two – with younger children, I simply teach how to select a color and set them up with a blank page. My stepdaughter uses a blank page too and draws from scratch. Even better, this is foundational Photoshop, so if you have a young artist, this will prepare them for commercial application of their creative skills.

Procreate Coloring Pages Tutorial

There are really only three steps- I hold your hand through the picture tutorial so you know exactly what the menus and icons look like. Tutorials are confusing if you don’t know what I mean by Blending Menu- much better when you can see the icon for yourself.

1. Import your coloring page. Find some coloring pages here.

2. Set the coloring page black line layer to multiply.

3. Create a new layer underneath the coloring page black lines layer, this is where you add the colors.

import your coloring page - any black and white image, into Procreate.
first, import your coloring page – any black and white image, into Procreate. Click the plus sign to reveal this menu. Then tap ‘image’.
select your image
Find the image you want to color, if you have downloaded it from online to your tablet choose ‘camera.’ When you find it, it will create a new image file.
create a new procreate menu.
After your page appears, Tap the squares in the top right. This is the layers menu. Tap the plus sign: a new layer appears.
Rearrange the layers in procreate.
Drag and drop the layers so your coloring page is on top.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select multiply.
Tap ‘Darken’ then ‘multiply’ then a blue check appears beside Multiply. Tap outside the menu.
Use the bank layer in procreate app
Then open the layers menu and select the blank layer you created earlier. Now you can start coloring. Select your brush by tapping the brush icon, select your colors by tapping the circle icon in the top right. (In my picture, I have selected orange, which is why the circle is orange).
coloring page app
Your colors will appear underneath the black lines. If they do not appear, your lines layer has not been set to multiply. If you draw over the lines, check to see you are using the blank layer underneath the coloring page.


Fairy Coloring Page Printables

Fairy Queen sends love to the world, a fairy child is surrounded by a circle of protection, and a fairy queen rules the world.

These 3 Fairy coloring pages are printable! Just save image than print as usual. Or use the Procreate app to color these pages directly on your iPad.

Listen to a Playing With Fairies guided meditation while you color! Mary Malinski’s boys love this as they fall asleep at night:

“A few nights later, all three boys were arguing about what music (or no music) to listen to before bed. The eldest asked if they could listen to Playing With Fairies. They all agreed (finally!) and listened quietly to the whole meditation.” – WalksWithin

Fairy goddess sending love coloring page
This fairy goddess holds her hands up to send love to the world as she sits in a tutus and her favorite heels.
Fairy child coloring page
The circle is a magical shape of protection. The fairy child stands in the circle of protection in the forest. Right click to save image then print.
fairy queen coloring printable page
Fairy Queen coloring page: the queen holds a staff and sits on a rose blossom and behind her the world glows.

This colouring fairy picture is based upon a painting of my stepdaughter which I gave to her mom for her birthday. I do portraits by request!

Original painting by artist Katana Lee Fairy, butterfly wings, red rose full moon
Full moon and a red rose, a fairy butterfly wings contemplates her magic. Original painting.