Coloring pages app for ipad

The Best App for Coloring Pages on Ipad

If you want to use your iPad for coloring pages, the best app for it is Procreate.

There may be coloring page specific apps but with Procreate, ANY black and white drawing can become a coloring page. Coloring pages can easily be erased- or, you can color the same page multiple times without deleting your past work. You can edit the linework, too.

Even though it is aimed at professional artists and illustrators such as myself, this app is straightforward enough for children and non-tech savvy adults alike. With this tutorial, I will teach you the easy way to import coloring pages of any black and white art you can find, unlike coloring page specific apps which require you to wait for  updates when you want to color a new picture.

Teach Your Child to Use This Coloring App

Say “Watch” as they sit beside you. Open the app, Go through the process of importing a coloring page. Then tap the brushes menu and the color icon to select a color. Then close the app. Now it’s the child’s turn. I have used this app with children as young as two – with younger children, I simply teach how to select a color and set them up with a blank page. My stepdaughter uses a blank page too and draws from scratch. Even better, this is foundational Photoshop, so if you have a young artist, this will prepare them for commercial application of their creative skills.

Procreate Coloring Pages Tutorial

There are really only three steps- I hold your hand through the picture tutorial so you know exactly what the menus and icons look like. Tutorials are confusing if you don’t know what I mean by Blending Menu- much better when you can see the icon for yourself.

1. Import your coloring page. Find some coloring pages here.

2. Set the coloring page black line layer to multiply.

3. Create a new layer underneath the coloring page black lines layer, this is where you add the colors.

import your coloring page - any black and white image, into Procreate.
first, import your coloring page – any black and white image, into Procreate. Click the plus sign to reveal this menu. Then tap ‘image’.
select your image
Find the image you want to color, if you have downloaded it from online to your tablet choose ‘camera.’ When you find it, it will create a new image file.
create a new procreate menu.
After your page appears, Tap the squares in the top right. This is the layers menu. Tap the plus sign: a new layer appears.
Rearrange the layers in procreate.
Drag and drop the layers so your coloring page is on top.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select multiply.
Tap ‘Darken’ then ‘multiply’ then a blue check appears beside Multiply. Tap outside the menu.
Use the bank layer in procreate app
Then open the layers menu and select the blank layer you created earlier. Now you can start coloring. Select your brush by tapping the brush icon, select your colors by tapping the circle icon in the top right. (In my picture, I have selected orange, which is why the circle is orange).
coloring page app
Your colors will appear underneath the black lines. If they do not appear, your lines layer has not been set to multiply. If you draw over the lines, check to see you are using the blank layer underneath the coloring page.


fairy printable art love light

Fairy Coloring Page Printables

Fairy Queen sends love to the world, a fairy child is surrounded by a circle of protection, and a fairy queen rules the world.

These 3 Fairy coloring pages are printable! Just save image than print as usual. Or use the Procreate app to color these pages directly on your iPad.

Listen to a Playing With Fairies guided meditation while you color! Mary Malinski’s boys love this as they fall asleep at night:

“A few nights later, all three boys were arguing about what music (or no music) to listen to before bed. The eldest asked if they could listen to Playing With Fairies. They all agreed (finally!) and listened quietly to the whole meditation.” – WalksWithin

Fairy goddess sending love coloring page
This fairy goddess holds her hands up to send love to the world as she sits in a tutus and her favorite heels.
Fairy child coloring page
The circle is a magical shape of protection. The fairy child stands in the circle of protection in the forest. Right click to save image then print.
fairy queen coloring printable page
Fairy Queen coloring page: the queen holds a staff and sits on a rose blossom and behind her the world glows.

This colouring fairy picture is based upon a painting of my stepdaughter which I gave to her mom for her birthday. I do portraits by request!

Original painting by artist Katana Lee Fairy, butterfly wings, red rose full moon
Full moon and a red rose, a fairy butterfly wings contemplates her magic. Original painting.
Watercolor painting blue mountain

Latest in Watercolor

three Christmas trees in the snow
Three stately evergreen on a snowy field. not a footprint to be seen.
frozen watercolor snowflakes art
did you catch my other Frozen reference in this post? Snowflakes inspired by my preschoolers love of Elsa.
alpine fields and mountain range watercolor
a mountain majestically rises from alpine fields.
Watercolor painting blue mountain
This is such a simple watercolor with just a few brush strokes of my favorite blues, that the magic of watercolor transforms to a misty mountain range and cloudy blue skies.
fresh green grass trees autumn colors
This watercolor brings fall colors into the sky while still retaining the fresh green grass I’m still seeing here in Washington.
watercolor painting of clouds and air.
Air: watercolor 5×9″ I love this airy lightness created by the watercolor paints in clouds. I think watercolor is the perfect medium for clouds because both this paint and clouds are made of H2O.
I wanted to use a range of saturated colors in this watercolor of the four elements fire water air and earth.
I created a series of watercolors about the four elements, because I wanted to use a range of saturated colors.

And a reminder that some of the artwork becomes available on my etsy shop! Light love Art

Happy yellow watercolor of a bluebird school bus

Little Artist Update

Have you been wondering why a blog ostensibly about art contains so many book reviews? Mainly by the publisher Hay House?

It’s because I am an obsessive bookworm. When I was little, and believed that ‘Artist’ was not a Job, I thought a good Job would be a Publisher, which to my elementary mind, meant I would have no job to do but read books and mark them Yes or No as suitable for publication.

Well, I now am an Artist and when I chose to accept a job it is either because I love it and because it is a worthwhile expenditure of my energies.  And I have a steady stream of books- unlimited, really – to read and review Yes or No on my website. If I don’t like a book I choose not to review it, and Hay House and Watkins Publishing reliably send me free books I enjoy for review.

When I create artwork, I often forget to post it on my blog. You really should see my etsy for the selection of available work- my portfolio on this site unfortunately is rarely up to date and almost all of the work in it is unavailable. I love filling up other people’s homes with artwork – Cana Vines is a wonderful example – murals at the winery entrance and on the camper van, paintings in the tasting room and in many of the rooms of the private residence.

But when I promise to review a book, I must keep my word. So I always  remember to post the books I enjoy here. If you notice that I have not posted artwork in some time, please remind me. Especially now that I am teaching children’s art classes again and running the after school program at the International Montessori Academy in Bellevue, Wa.

Schoolbus art watercolor artist katanaleighThe children are incredibly inspiring- from their sweet requests for help, the sometimes demanding requests for yet another drawing of a Schoolbus or Princess Elsa, to the way that they enthusiastically focus on creation and their absolute purity in giving their creativity to parents and friends. I am starting my own collection of drawings, of dumpling people and rainbows, of school buses and wondeful markmaking by these creative children.

So I am so very busy that sometimes all I can do is keep my word and that means only writing blog posts that I have promised to do. If you would like more, please ask…. It’s always nicer to know that my words will be read and my art will be seen.

My Most Popular Etsy Open Edition Art Print

Last year I did a series on Hibiscus – from loose and free pastel drawings, to more detailed pen and ink lines, and finally a series of watercolors. I sold or gifted the originals as Christmas gifts, and chose a few for prints.

This pink mint Hibiscus has proved to be one of my most popular prints on my Etsy shop. 

watercolor hibiscus art pink mint
Printed on high quality paper, this open edition art print of a Hibiscus in Watercolor and Oil Pastel is my most popular print.

I don’t have them all listed on Etsy right now – too many choices simply confuses shoppers – but if you see one you prefer, feel free to request it.

Book review all is well Louise hay

All is Well Especially with Louise Hay

Hygiene is a vital component to good health. Just as hand washing was once considered an unnecessarily time consuming procedure in healthcare, I believe that mental ”cleanliness’ is too often over looked in the impact it has on our health and our bodies. Louis Hay is the next Ignaz Semmelweis (the advocate of hand hygiene in 1858), as she teaches a revolution in thought patterns and the use of intuition in conjunction with modern medicine.

Her book is absolutely useful for any person inhabiting a body. Who wouldn’t feel better when their thought patterns run along the lines of “All is well” instead of “the world is out to get me.” Don’t we naturally see improvement when we think thoughts of vitality instead of depression? Doesn’t the brain run every function of our body, the same brain which may be thinking “all is well” or, more often than not “nothing is well?” I think so. The better it gets, the better it gets!

Louise Hay’s book is well organized, so that you can find sections relevant to you immediately, or you may be the type of person who just loves to read positive transformational anecdotes (in which case, like me, you will read from start to finish). You will find a favorite thought to keep thinking in this book- mine is “harmony and beauty dwell within me,” and wouldn’t you like to believe they dwell within you? Might as well, right?
ALL IS WELLimageimageimageimage
I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.



A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara

Dreamcatcher Meditation Open Edition Art Print

Four years ago I could not sit cross legged but after a ten day meditation in Joshua Tree, I could sit for an hour without moving, although to this day my legs are still asleep when I am finished meditating.

I created this image to inspire meditation, in myself and others. I think that it is beautiful and the color vibration reminds me of the energetic sensations of meditation, which are part of the larger patterns of life. Here, these spiritual attributes are represented with familiar symbols.

The crown chakra, the sahasrara, radiates outward, a high vibration enveloping the entire body. It is the connection to source.

A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara
A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara.

The dreamcatcher, the sifter of thoughts, the catch and release system of negativity, is also invoked in the pattern of the sahasrara and the ribbons trailing from the meditator who levitates above the ground.

The merkaba star, the symbol of light and the divine vehicle, surround the meditator.

The crosslegged pose is a symbol of sitting comfortably and peacefully, a goal that I long for at the same time my chaotic thoughts resist. But with this image, I am reminded to give myself a little more time to sit.

Available in a print from Dreamcatcher Meditation.

The Washington MidSummer Renaissance Faire

An inspiration post filled with people who wear wonderful costumes and are creative small business owners, two admirable traits! After spending time at the Washington Ren faire I was inspired to paint this fairy painting of my stepdaughter which we gave to her mom as a birthday present. I would accept a commission to paint someone as a fairy in their chosen costume.

Original painting by artist Katana Lee Fairy, butterfly wings, red rose full moon
Full moon and a red rose, a fairy butterfly wings contemplates her magic. Original painting.


Agate slice night lights and the Daylight Artworks proprietor.
Agate slice night lights and the Daylight Artworks proprietor.
Yet old times sheep.
Yet old times sheep.
Craftsman at work
Craftsman at work
The Noble Court & Household of Queen Elizabeth I portrayed by Victoria Dzenis of Seattle
The Noble Court & Household of Queen Elizabeth I portrayed by Victoria Dzenis of Seattle
No parchment needed! One of the improv comedy group!
No parchment needed! One of the improv comedy group!
Little crowd of fairies.
Little crowd of fairies.
Little fairy and her mom the sprite!
Little fairy and her mom the sprite!
A fine fairy pair.
A fine fairy pair.
Costuming goddesses.
Costuming goddesses.
Agate oak night lights
Agate oak night lights by Daylight Artworks.
Medieval woman with a parasol.
Medieval woman with a parasol.
Butterfly winged fairy and bodyguard.
Butterfly winged fairy and bodyguard.
Costuming goddesses.
Costuming goddesses.
Master Payne that Purveyor of Japes, Cheap Tricks and Minor Amazements
Master Payne that Purveyor of Japes, Cheap Tricks and Minor Amazements


This has been over for a few weeks and I am just now getting to it.
Here are the merchants whose business cards have websites, sorry I am no longer sure which business card goes with what photo:

Ravenswood Leather

Horse n Round Studio

Seven Meadows Archery

Ace of cups meaning feelings water

Ace of Cups Meaning

The Ace of Cups card is the second of the Four Tarot Aces, corresponding to the suit of hearts in a traditional card deck. In this card, the suit of cups is summed up: overflowing abundance and the flow of feelings.

Cups represents the flow of energy, feeling, a flow often perceived as feminine. Thoughts, the suit of Swords, (Air) create feelings, and feelings create flow. Clouds lead to rain. Rain leads to rainbows, the refracted light appearing in the bowl of the cup.

The alchemical symbol for water, an inverted triangle, appears at the top of the stem. Superimposed is a heart, the well know symbol of love and emotion. Water overflows the cup and the stem of the cup itself appears to be a waterfall, flowing in abundance from the mountain ridge.

Ace of cups meaning feelings water

In the sky, the Crater (Latin for cups) constellation appears. A new moon hangs in the sky, the promise of a full moon on its way. What is empty always becomes full.

The Ace of Cups is about feelings and beginnings. Go with the flow!

This Tarot Deck is a collaboration with the Prosperity Priestess Mary Malinski of Walks Within, creator of guided meditations.

Tarot ace of wands meaning

Tarot Ace of Swords Meaning

The Ace of Swords card is one of the Four Tarot Aces. Like a standard deck of playing cards has four suits, so does a tarot deck. The Suit of Swords corresponds to the suit of Spades. The Aces are the origin cards, the first card of the suit, the beginnings. In this card, the theme of the suit is summed up.

The sword represents thoughts. In the Elements of Abundance, thoughts are the first stage of manifestation. The Sahasrara chakra is the crown chakra, the home of your thoughts, and radiating from the point of the sword, representing the focus of your thoughts creating and radiating a vibration into the world around you.

Thoughts become things tarot card aces meaning

The alchemical symbol for air appears at the hilt of the sword, and the handle of the sword is shaped like a feather, another familiar symbol of air and thoughts.

The colors of purple and gold in the clouds represent richness in thought, as the clouds could be any size, from cumulus clouds in the sky, to galactic nebulas in the universe. The sword rises above the confusion caused by these clouds. Thousands of sparkling stars represent the many wonderful thoughts available to you, and this Ace Tarot card represents the importance of choosing your thoughts for your journey.

These Tarot Cards are a collaboration with tarot card reader and Prosperity Priestess Mary Malinski.