Fine Art Secrets: An Experiment In Divine Creativity

light a white sage leaf before painting for enhanced creativity.

 by Alan Beck

light a white sage leaf before painting for enhanced creativity.
Light a white sage leaf before painting for enhanced creativity.

 An Experiment in Divine Creativity

Through almost a millennium of Western culture artists have held a uniquely distinguished position. As proven vanguards of seminal trends, artists employed their creative skills as a sacred trust by which thoughtful members of society could come to grips with present problems and future realities. In fact, as many prescient observers have noted, the post-modern artist fulfills many of the same functions as the traditional shaman.

 Experiment Like A Surrealist

This evident connection between ancient and modern power has long interested me. Thus, since I am privileged to direct this post at practicing artists and their allies, I would like to suggest an unusual experiment in creativity expressly geared to take full advantage of the artist’s underlying shamanic role. Similar experiments were especially popular among Surrealists and Abstract Expressionists, who often reported dramatically positive outcomes.

 Begin Your Artistic Practice With Ceremonial Purification

Clearly, no important or venerable rite would ever commence without prior purification of participants and ceremonial space. Yet, serious artistic ventures directly parallel such sacred acts. You can readily reconnect with the newly pristine primal energy common to both via simple White Sage purification. How? Before picking up brush or pen, burn a single leaf or spray some hydrosol in your workspace. Follow this routine for just one week: see if your mind opens to new horizons and your inspiration receives a remarkable boost!

How to Obtain White Sage For Your Creativity Experiment

I am always gratified to contemplate the remarkable results of such experiments.  By supporting artists, mystics, truth-seekers, and others on the Path we hope to illumine the heart of humanity worldwide.

Contact me if you need some white sage! 

Author: Katana

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