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Me and Jeremy on the beach in Oceanside, CA.
Jeremy and I on the beach in Oceanside, CA.
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Yes, I do accept commissions in watercolor, acrylic, murals, vans, and book illustration. My rate is $25 an hour or a flat rate depending on the project. Contact @artistKatana below for a price sheet relating to your project.

For example, some results: A quick fun video: a psychedelic drawing lesson that she drew appeared on BoingBoing! Katana says, “This took me about fifteen minutes to draw while driving in a car. I never guessed that over 17,829 people would watch it…. but I hoped they would!” 

Montessori Class Material Illustrations

I am currently commissioned to illustrate an ongoing series of Montessori curriculum through Diamond Montessori. These booklets are created to the Montessori specifications to produce language learning material that is both beautiful and functional to inspire expanding little minds. The beautiful illustrations I have created depict parts of a snail, parts of a bat, parts of a seahorse, parts of a horse, parts of a volcano, the planets and moons of the Solar System, parts of a bird, and more. My success is measured by the anecdotes I get back, such as when a young boy attempted to take the Solar System home with him, or a young girl began to copy the drawings herself, and they ask who is making the booklets for them.

Walks Within Concept Art Illustration

I am also illustrator at WalksWithin.com, creating imagery to accompany the guided meditations and musings by the Prosperity Priestess, Mary Malinski. These beautiful pictures are the album cover art for her audio guided meditations and her weekly musings on the blog, as well as to be shared on Pinterest and Facebook for Walks Within’s social media marketing.

WalkWithin.com where Katana’s illustration and graphic design work appears almost daily at the WalksWithin Facebook page, as well gracing the covers of Mary Malinski’s Guided Meditations. 

Book & Magazine Cover Illustration 

memoir sexuality

The three panel comic book illustration I created for Veronica Buna.

Books and Magazines covers designed and illustrated by @artistKatana include The Meadowland Review, White Sage Spirit, Kitchen Alchemy.

The Meadowland Review Winter 2013 cover illustrated by @artistKatana
The Meadowland Review Winter 2013 cover illustrated by @artistKatana


Facetime: Katana Leigh appeared in Jess Hill’s Music Video for A Common Bird. 

Art in Real Life: Katana held her most recent solo art show at the Yaletown Gallery “A Curious Night.” 

Artist Katana's Solo Show at the Yaletown Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Artist Katana’s Solo Show at the Yaletown Gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Full-Sized Landmarks: Mural Art 

top shelf winery
The murals painted by Artist Katana Leight at Top Shelf Winery.

In Oliver, BC, in BC’s premier largest grape growing region, you can see murals by @artistkatana painted at Cana Vines Winery and the Top Shelf Winery. Cana Vines was featured in the Penticton Herald.


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