The Red Door Acrylic Painting

A dark figure kneels beside an organ and a pile of cardboard boxes. A door glows like an ember behind them. An inexplicable red dot hovers over the bench.

I created this painting in 2006, one of the darkest times of my life, alone in Vancouver Canada with a hostile roommate, a part time job and a bleeding bank account. Even then, hope glowed, appearing in my artwork as this door of glowing light.

I painted this on the living room floor of my apartment, using the floor to ceiling windows in the apartment as a reference. I am the darkened figure kneeling on the floor to paint.

The Red Door. 2006. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24" Painting by Katana Leigh
The Red Door. 2006. Acrylic on Canvas. 18×24″ Painting by Katana Leigh

I thought I was using a purple and yellow palette. I was painting in a dim room, which means I couldn’t see the range of colors accurately. I realize now that the painting worked out because the dim light desaturated the colors and I was painting by value (the range of dark to light) instead of hue (ROYGBIV the fully saturated colors of the rainbow).  The colors were substantially different when I moved out of the dark room and into the light. Teal and orange are now one of my favorite color schemes.

I consider this one of my best works from this time period and sold it for $325 in 2007. I see in it the beginnings of my current series Gates of Lights.

Gates of light monarchs
One of my more recent Gates of light paintings. Into the Light, 18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas 2015


Water-Coloring Page MerGoddess

imageThis Mer-Goddess is a drawing I did a few years ago. I decided to have it printed on some watercolor paper so I could create a watercolor painting.

Painting the blue background of he mermaid first.
Painting the blue background first, then lining up the brush to cleanly pull the green into the tail.
Coloring page for watercolor paint
It’s like a coloring page but for paint.
Mer goddess watercolor painting by Katana Leigh
The almost finished  watercolor painting “Mer Goddess”

A good drawing yields a better quality watercolor painting and so preprinting the drawing made my painting/coloring more relaxing. I was happy I didn’t have any problems with the black ink running. It stayed put while I gently painted in between the lines.

Mermaid goddess painting framed and finished
The mermaid goddess painting “Mer Goddess.”

I’m going to be bringing this mermaid goddess to Spring Mysteries: I’m going to be one of the vendors this year. I think, framed and finished she will sell for $85 once I’ve signed it.

Would you like to paint or color this image? Download the whole coloring book here! 

Hekate at the Crossroads Painting Progress

I’m sharing some photos of the progress of Hekate at the Crossroads, a new painting I’m working on that is not finished yet. I plan to add silver stars and possibly dogs.

Painting over a demo painting
New art. I’m painting over one of my demo paintings because I like to reuse canvas and my demo paintings are not completed paintings.
Black and white high contrast painting
Here I have established some of the values to create a high contrast painting. At this point I was going to have the statue’s arms raised but I changed that as I went because her raised arms obscured two of her three faces.
Hookers green Naples yellow paint field
Adding a bit of Naples Yellow and Hookers green makes the field look lit up by the moon. Love.
Almost finished painting! The colors and composition are coming together.
Almost finished painting! The colors and composition are coming together. The tree leaves are now starting to feel like an umbrella wrapping the scene.
This is where the painting is now. I need to work on the flame more and add some stars. Possibly a dog or two but I haven't decided for sure if I want that.
This is where the painting is now. I need to work on the flame more and add some stars. Possibly a dog or two but I haven’t decided for sure if I want that.
Hekate statue detail from Hekate T the Crossroads by artist Katana Leigh
Here is a detail of the Hekate statue. I love the lighting here.
Hekate painting by Katana Leigh
I’m having a difficult time getting the blacks in the tree to photograph. The top of the tree is truly black. The light bounces off of the art and I can’t seem to get a good photo.

Tulips in a Vase

Four tulip paintings
Four tulip paintings made with art love light and acrylic paint!
Bright colors abstract tulip painting
The first painting of tulips is very abstract and all about the bright colors.
Tulips in a vase painting
The second painting is much more controlled and the vase defined.
Tulip acrylic painting
The third one started out in greyscale and color was added on top while the values were still wet.

Tulips in a vase
The fourth version of these flowers is my favorite. I utilized my drawing skills more here and I love the soft colors of this painting.
Miniature tulip painting by artist katana art love light
Mini Tulips painted from memory after the first four.
Flowers and pie
The actual Flowers with my birthday pie.

For me flowers are a gift that keep on giving- for my birthday last year my husband bought me tulips and I got a bunch of paintings out – I really enjoy doing little flower series in different mediums. (Hibiscus in Oil pastel, watercolor, pen and ink)

Sold and currently in St Louis MO. 🙂




Mermaid Moon Gaze Acrylic Painting

Water. The Tarot Card suite Cups. Greens and blues. Undines. Mermaids. Emerald green ripcurls and a full moon at mid day.

I painted her upright to get the proportions. I should be painting with a model but sometimes you have to paint with what you have; that is, an imagination.

Mermaid paintings, undines
Mermaid, Moon Gaze. Acrylic on Canvas 18 X 24″

On Etsy

Into the Light Painting

To the light art love light monarchs
Butterflies float out of ashes like Phoenix and float toward the light.

This painting is dark, with scraping black paint revealing fiery colors underneath, as though just out of the frame are roaring flames. Butterflies drift up, floating towards the light at the top of the stairs where the open door welcomes you…

‘Into the Light’ is currently on exhibit at the Hub Event Space in Tacoma. The painting is 18×24″ acrylic on canvas.

Art Collaboration

Yesterday I was painting on my demo paintings so that I could reuse them my stepdaughter Aranna was drawing in a sketchbook and interrupted me to tell me I should do something similar to her favorite things.

I told her if she drew it for me so that I could understand her idea, I would do it. This is her drawing:

Anime style art
My stepdaughter Aranna composed this drawing for her commission.
And here is my impressionist interpretation of her Anime style.


Watercolor Paintings Evergreens and Winter Scenes

three Christmas trees in the snow
Three stately evergreen on a snowy field. not a footprint to be seen.
frozen watercolor snowflakes art
did you catch my other Frozen reference in this post? Snowflakes inspired by my preschoolers love of Elsa.
alpine fields and mountain range watercolor
a mountain majestically rises from alpine fields.
Watercolor painting blue mountain
This is such a simple watercolor with just a few brush strokes of my favorite blues, that the magic of watercolor transforms to a misty mountain range and cloudy blue skies.
fresh green grass trees autumn colors
This watercolor brings fall colors into the sky while still retaining the fresh green grass I’m still seeing here in Washington.
watercolor painting of clouds and air.
Air: watercolor 5×9″ I love this airy lightness created by the watercolor paints in clouds. I think watercolor is the perfect medium for clouds because both this paint and clouds are made of H2O.
I wanted to use a range of saturated colors in this watercolor of the four elements fire water air and earth.
I created a series of watercolors about the four elements, because I wanted to use a range of saturated colors.

View more paintings on my Etsy! Light love Art

Dreamcatcher Meditation

I created this image to inspire meditation, in myself and others. I think that it is beautiful and the color vibration reminds me of the energetic sensations of meditation, which are part of the larger patterns of life. Here, these spiritual attributes are represented with familiar symbols.

The crown chakra, the sahasrara, radiates outward, a high vibration enveloping the entire body. It is the connection to source.

A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara
A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara.

This meditating figure sits in perfect balance.

The dreamcatcher, the sifter of thoughts, the catch and release system of negativity, is also invoked in the pattern of the sahasrara and the ribbons trailing from the meditator who levitates above the ground.

The merkaba star, the symbol of light and the divine vehicle, surround the meditator. As above, so below.

The crosslegged pose is a symbol of sitting comfortably and peacefully, a goal that I long for at the same time my chaotic thoughts resist. But with this image, I am reminded to give myself a little more time to sit.

Available in a print from Dreamcatcher Meditation.