Coincidence? No, it may be a Divine Telegram

I just read and reviewed Divine Telegram by Renee Ramsey Whitaker.
I just read and reviewed Divine Telegram by Renee Ramsey Whitaker.

Everyone has questions about the mysteries of life. Renee Ramsey Whitaker did too, and when she received answers in the form of a divine telegram, she wrote it down. Eventually these notes became this book, Divine Telegram.

A divine telegram is a message that anyone may receive from the source of inspiration and the universe delivers these messages in all kinds of unlikely and surprising ways. Renee shares anecdotes about her personal experiences with Spirit in the book Divine Telegram. She didn’t start out to write a book, but rather began taking notes about these personal experiences and life lessons more than a decade ago.

I found it most interesting that Renee has Episcopalian spiritual roots. While many people think that Christianity is a closed religion, the fact is, a spiritual seeker can fond expansive truths from any starting point. There is a point when we realize how much we all have in common, instead of what separates us.

Good people have a few things in common, regardless of their religious affiliations. Integrity lends us an ability to trust ourselves, and the universe. Renee offers a path through anxiety towards relaxation and trust.

Renee Ramsey Whitaker, author of Divine Telegram.
Renee Ramsey Whitaker, author of Divine Telegram.

Renee says, ““What I have are questions which lead me to search for possible answers. I don’t possess certitude but rather a continued search. Throughout the writing of Divine Telegram, I have continued to learn and to question. My spiritual education has vastly enriched my life.” Excerpt From: Renee Ramsey Whitaker. “Divine Telegram.” BalboaPress, 2014-02-14.

Using the mantra “Everything I need to know will be revealed to me” Renee brings readers on a journey of discovering how to use spiritual guidance. It starts off with relatable anecdotes (one of my favorite things about nonfiction are the anecdotes!) and journeys through affirmations (it cannot be a coincidence that every teacher recommends affirmations, can it?) through receiving divine telegrams.

Some books are so riveting that you cannot put them down. Others are so inspiring that you do put them down, in order to get started! Divine Telegram reminded me how important meditation is, and as I read, I had to put it down to meditate right then and there. This is a wonderfully inspiring read that will have you noticing the divine timing of the universe and ready to relax into meditation and life.

All the opinions in this post are mine, and I received a copy of this book from Renee for review purposes. If you would like to read your own copy, you can purchase Divine Telegram here.

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Quantum Creativity: Eureka Moments For Everyone

Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative
Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative

When I conceive of an artwork or drawing or painting in my head, it’s shimmery and beautiful. The likeness of a face is always exact, the corners of the mouth forming an expression that practically moves on the page. The light is perfect, every highlight making the illustration sparkle.

And with each line and mark on the page, those possibilities collapse and vanish. The actuality of an illustration does not always achieve the heights I imagined in possibility.

Sometimes, after taking the idea onto the page, the magic is lost. And other times, all the possibilities unite in that magical AHA moment where I know I have created the best possible drawing or illustration I possibly could have, where everything I have ever learned comes together at one inexplicable moment that absolutely exceeds the possibilities I knew about before. That is where the creativity arrives- that inexplicable moment.

This is my new favorite book about creativity.
This is my new favorite book about creativity.

Inexplicable – unless you’ve read this book. It’s not a dry science book, it’s lush and readable and fascinating, which makes me reread the complex explanations, which are broken down to be completely understandable. It explains creativity with reality, the way that Jonah Lehrer wished he could (I’m referencing that recalled book of his).

I have to say all the superlatives to say about this book. The best book about creativity I’ve ever read; if you have ever felt like you weren’t creative, you have to read this book; if you are creative and want to understand what makes you so, you have to read this book. If you want to really understand the difference between avant-garde and a remix, you have to read this book.

You know what, you have to read this book. It’s brilliant.

The stories and anecdotes are enlightening, the musing is poetic, the science is solid, and it’s written for humans with creativity, whether they believe it to be blocked or they have the muses on speed dial.

I absolutely recommend this book. It made me smile, it made my tear up, and it definitely made me go ‘AHA’ – I read it all in one day and then started again.

It is my dream to create illustrations that visualize the invisible, to combine what I have seen with what I feel and experience and know and imagine, to make someone who sees it, go, “Ah, yes, that is that feeling, or that is what that mystery looks like!” At my art show on Friday, I achieved that – looking at a painting of a dream, someone said, “Yes, that is like my dreams, too.”

I can’t say anymore about this book! Spoilers might collapse the possibilities of your experience with this book. I’m definitely going to be rereading it to get a better understanding of the concepts. I hope you’ll read it to, and tell me about it.






I received this book for free from Hay House Publishing for review purposes.


Beautiful, Printable Montessori Materials

Diamond Montessori was created by Ashley Speed, who was coming up short whenever she looked for Montessori language learning materials. Beauty is a Montessori principle, so the lack of beautiful materials was surprising.

She contacted me, and we’re now working together to create curriculum that fits the standards set by Maria Montessori that is attractive to children and teaches the facts alongside the beautiful illustrations.

I am super enthused to have such a wonderful ongoing project that is inspiring little minds already – the kindergarteners in the class where the first book was tested out were reportedly ‘entranced’

Montessori curriculum book printers proofs
Download your Diamond Montessori .pdfs and print them at home.

Download these beautiful language learning materials at Diamond Montessori on Etsy

The Sexuality Memoir I Illustrated

memoir sexuality
The three panel comic book illustration I created for Veronica Buna.

When Author Speaker Facilitator Veronica Buna contacted me about creating a 3 panel comic book illustration for her new book “S-E-X How Did You Learn to Spell It” I was delighted to jump onboard the project.

sexuality memoir by veronica buna
I love seeing my name in print!

She’s straightforward and candid about her personal experiences and shares stories about sexuality more honestly than Carrie Bradshaw. She’s also incredibly self aware, willing to be blunt about her own shortcomings so that she can get clear about what she wants and the kind of partnership that she (and you!) deserve.

It’s brilliant.

Here are the kind words she had to say about my involvement in the project:

sexuality memoir illustrator appreciation from veronica buna

Playing with Dreams

I’ve been totally fascinated by Carlos Casteneda’s books recently. They are accounts of dreams; of a sorcerer’s learning to dream. Carlos Casteneda begins his learning with Jimson Weed- datura- the sort of thing one ought not to experiment with, and at the very least not without your own Don Juan to manage it. Without the know-how, how is one going to catch the right two lizards to speak with?

And after reading this not quite fiction account of dreams, one wants to dream one’s own dreams. Yes I do.

And I do dream. And so I can experiment with dreams, because I have neither datura nor a laughing shaman handy.

Whatever I may dream about at night, I can’t get hurt the same way I can if I take drugs when I’m awake. And so experimenting with my own dreams is a totally reasonable thing to do and cheap and also a great use of time.Exercise #1: To Stare At My Hands While DreamingObjective: To Realize Dream-Attention; the ability to watch oneself ‘
fall asleep’

Completed: Yes. Twice I have looked at my hands. The first time I couldn’t manage to hold my attention on them. The second time I could – and I watched my fingers multiply, to grow leaves like branches. I was able to look away and then look back. In previous lucid dreams, I start to fly as soon as I realize I’m flying, but if I ‘forget’ I’m flying, the lucidity is over. So I consider this a success; albeit one I haven’t been able to replicate recently. The real key is being able to realize I’m dreaming and this is still hit or miss.


art by katana dufour, space art, dreams

Next exercise #2: To transition between dreams by focusing attention as the dream changes.