Dreamcatcher Meditation

I created this image to inspire meditation, in myself and others. I think that it is beautiful and the color vibration reminds me of the energetic sensations of meditation, which are part of the larger patterns of life. Here, these spiritual attributes are represented with familiar symbols.

The crown chakra, the sahasrara, radiates outward, a high vibration enveloping the entire body. It is the connection to source.

A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara
A meditation in a merkaba dreamcatcher sahasrara.

This meditating figure sits in perfect balance.

The dreamcatcher, the sifter of thoughts, the catch and release system of negativity, is also invoked in the pattern of the sahasrara and the ribbons trailing from the meditator who levitates above the ground.

The merkaba star, the symbol of light and the divine vehicle, surround the meditator. As above, so below.

The crosslegged pose is a symbol of sitting comfortably and peacefully, a goal that I long for at the same time my chaotic thoughts resist. But with this image, I am reminded to give myself a little more time to sit.

Available in a print from Etsy.com Dreamcatcher Meditation.

The Sexuality Memoir I Illustrated

memoir sexuality
The three panel comic book illustration I created for Veronica Buna.

When Author Speaker Facilitator Veronica Buna┬ácontacted me about creating a 3 panel comic book illustration for her new book “S-E-X How Did You Learn to Spell It” I was delighted to jump onboard the project.

sexuality memoir by veronica buna
I love seeing my name in print!

She’s straightforward and candid about her personal experiences and shares stories about sexuality more honestly than Carrie Bradshaw. She’s also incredibly self aware, willing to be blunt about her own shortcomings so that she can get clear about what she wants and the kind of partnership that she (and you!) deserve.

It’s brilliant.

Here are the kind words she had to say about my involvement in the project:

sexuality memoir illustrator appreciation from veronica buna