Hibiscus Watercolor Flower Studies

Watercolor hibiscus with oil pastel by artist Katana Leigh.

Look at these two Hibiscus flowers – one done in oil pastel, the other in watercolor: image

Today I did still life studies of Hibiscus Flower  again, like yesterday. Painting Hibiscus Flower in watercolor makes a big difference between today’s flowers and yesterday’s oil pastel flowers. The marks and shapes change with the medium and give the flowers a different flavour.

Hibiscus Flower studies in watercolor.

Painting something many times is like memorizing a song; you start to know how the light falls and can paint it later, from memory.

Author: Katana

Katana Leigh is a professional international artist with her paintings at home in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and more. Find her on Artist Katana Shop, Google! and Instagram

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