Painting a Mural The Halfway Point

Mural Art on the Big Island Hawai
Mural Art on the Big Island Hawai
Mural art in the Big Island Hawaii.

I am currently painting a mural in Kopoho Hawaii. It is the entire second story of a home that is to become a vacation rental and its a lot of fun and work at the same time.

I am using a four inch roller on the whole thing because I like to use the roller to blend and it gives me time to contemplate the space. The whole room is like a giant canvas for me.

gardenias and pineapple mural hawaii
The pineapples are almost ripe and the gardenias are emerging.

It features a blue sky that wraps the left hand side of the open floor plan and transitions to a golden sky in the kitchen, then to warm reds and purples, a full range of bright chakra colors.

From the stairwell rises a Monkeypod tree whose canopy fills the sleeping space. It will make you feel like you sleep in the trees.

Pineapple bushes flank the center bedroom, and haleconia, anthurium, taro, bamboo, and hibiscus flowers fill the corners.

It is about half finished.

mural vacation painter
Mural here in Puna, Hawaii. This photo was taken before the sunset got moved to another wall.


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