Painting Lake Joy Plein Air

Original acrylic painting sold for $75

When we first moved up to Washington a few years ago, I did these paintings. I was talking about them and couldn’t find them on my website anywhere so I’m sharing them today. These ones sold right away when I shared them on

Original acrylic painting sold for $75
This is the same composition, painted a second time, the next day at the same hour. Acrylic on canvas board, sold for $75.
Original acrylic landscape painting photographed plein air
I painted this original acrylic painting plein air and photographed it inside the scene.
Palette for plein air original acrylic painting
This shows the palette I used for the painting. Cyan, path all blues, titanium white and three greens, burnt umber.
Plein air painting two versions
I used the same palette for the second painting, and this version was smoother than the first day, speaking to the power of iterations and artistic studies.

Author: Katana

Katana Leigh is a professional international artist with her paintings at home in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and more. Find her on Artist Katana Shop, Google! and Instagram

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