Painting the City of Angels in Acrylic Paint

Use green and yellow paint to add the highlights into the grass and the treetops

I created the City of Angels and it is now licensed to Paint Nite for other Paint Nite artists to teach it across the continent!

Here are the main steps. While I was painting it, I started with a smoggy gray but went back and brightened all the colors near the end (not shown). Learn from my process and paint yours with fully saturated color from the beginning!

paint the background in pale blue acrylic paint
Paint the background in pale blue. I mixed the acrylic paint color on the canvas so that it would streak.
use pthalo blue and titanium white to paint rectangles I use golden acrylics
Using pthalo blue acrylic paint and white (in my home studio I use Titanium white from Golden acrylics), create different shades and layer on many rectangles to create the idea of buildings in the background. It looks grey in this photo but you really want it to pop so use blue.
use black brushstrokes to create the painting ground
Use black acrylic paint to create a fuzzy ground. I start the brushstroke at the bottom of the canvas and let up at the end of the stroke to create blades of grass. Again, this photo is quite desaturated.
palm trees painting
Place your palm trees with blue-black lumps.
paint palm tree trunks in acrylic paint
Pull the acrylic paint in downward brush strokes to create the ragged ends of the palm trees, than use horizontal brushstrokes to create the tree trunks. They can bend and wobble as they grow.
Use green and yellow paint to add the highlights into the grass and the treetops
I missed a few photos adding the green and brightening the blue. Hopefully you didn’t use any black in the background so you didn’t have to adjust it later. Once you’ve got the shadow parts of thee palm trees in, use green and yellow to fluff up the tops of the trees and brighten the grass.

Author: Katana

Katana Leigh is a professional international artist with her paintings at home in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and more. Find her on Artist Katana Shop, Google! and Instagram

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  1. Hello. I’m John …..I live in NORTH CAROLINA. I was just looking at some things online and came across your site. Very nice paintings. I love art work. I myself … not an artist. I love music. But can’t play any instruments. Well if you wish you could contact me anytime. I’m JOHN …like I said I live in central NORTH CAROLINA. plan to move to the beach. Myrtle Beach south carolina. Or maybe somewhere in the keys of Florida. I hope you and yours have a blessed day. Very nice art work. I love it.

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