Playing with Dreams

art by katana dufour, space art, dreams

I’ve been totally fascinated by Carlos Casteneda’s books recently. They are accounts of dreams; of a sorcerer’s learning to dream. Carlos Casteneda begins his learning with Jimson Weed- datura- the sort of thing one ought not to experiment with, and at the very least not without your own Don Juan to manage it. Without the know-how, how is one going to catch the right two lizards to speak with?

And after reading this not quite fiction account of dreams, one wants to dream one’s own dreams. Yes I do.

And I do dream. And so I can experiment with dreams, because I have neither datura nor a laughing shaman handy.

Whatever I may dream about at night, I can’t get hurt the same way I can if I take drugs when I’m awake. And so experimenting with my own dreams is a totally reasonable thing to do and cheap and also a great use of time.Exercise #1: To Stare At My Hands While DreamingObjective: To Realize Dream-Attention; the ability to watch oneself ‘
fall asleep’

Completed: Yes. Twice I have looked at my hands. The first time I couldn’t manage to hold my attention on them. The second time I could – and I watched my fingers multiply, to grow leaves like branches. I was able to look away and then look back. In previous lucid dreams, I start to fly as soon as I realize I’m flying, but if I ‘forget’ I’m flying, the lucidity is over. So I consider this a success; albeit one I haven’t been able to replicate recently. The real key is being able to realize I’m dreaming and this is still hit or miss.


art by katana dufour, space art, dreams

Next exercise #2: To transition between dreams by focusing attention as the dream changes.

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