Montessori Printable Sets

Parts of a flower Monocot montessori
A tulip is a Monocot because it has petals in sets of three.
Parts of a flower parts of a tulip parts of a rose montessori.
These are Printables, ready for your classroom with a custom order from Diamond Montessori.
Parts of a Dicot flower monte
Parts of a Dicot- kids are easily able to absorb new vocabulary. Montessori teaches them the words in a clear and beautiful way.

My friend Ashley and I have been working hard on creating beautiful language learning materials for Diamond Montessori and are delighted to announce they are now available.


I’m very pleased with everything I’ve illustrated and Ashley’s writing is perfect for kids, and it’s all to Montessori specifications- beautiful, clear, and straightforward, to inspire little ones to grow and learn.



Why Beginners Are Good At Painting

Every week I see people paint. Some beginners, some with drawing experience, some who are artists and some who haven’t painted in years. Their skill doesn’t correlate to whether or not they will create a good painting.

There is something beautiful in each one, the more I look the easier it is to find those moments. They are often surprises; those opportunities where paint suddenly transforms and becomes more than just a mark.

Good painters keep painting until they reach such a moment. Good painters are willing to try something new; they switch gears- sometimes scraping away extra paint and going for another round. Good painters have many rounds of failed moments and they kept working at their art. Good painters sometimes spend hours and hours painting, good painters find painting to be rewarding even if they go unrecognized. Good painters are willing to let their ability, where its at, to be enough to enjoy painting itself. Good painters play with the paint, and fuel their painting with their feelings. Good painters Paint, and the process is the painting.

Good painting is not about achieving photographic images or pleasing every viewer or even pleasing the artist. Good painting isn’t perfection and organization and order.

Beginners are open to possibilities and to play, so beginners are good painters.



Charcoal Pet Portrait Commission

Lou and Julie two sweet doggies pet portrait commission
Lou and Julie two sweet doggies pet portrait commission

I was recently chatting about my art, and I mentioned I occasionally took commissions and showed my work.

Most of the time when I tell someone I am an artist the response is “My friend or relative is an artist too.”

I usually request to be put in touch to see their work and do some networking with other artists.

But an even happier response is, “Can you make some art for me? I will give you money” and that is usually how I land happy commission like this one of Lou and Julie.

These two versions I will present to my client and hear if they capture the spirits of her animal friends. If so, I will collect the remaining fee [a deposit was paid before I started] and if not, I will collect feedback and do another version so that I know it is just right.

These two dogs are best friends and Lou is the elder. I really enjoyed the feel of charcoal on vellum and when I finished I sprayed them with Krylon clear coat as a fixative.

The pet  portrait Lou and Julie commission
The pet portrait Lou and Julie commission.