The Best App for Coloring Pages on Ipad

If you want to use your iPad for coloring pages, the best app for it is Procreate.

There may be coloring page specific apps but with Procreate, ANY black and white drawing can become a coloring page. Coloring pages can easily be erased- or, you can color the same page multiple times without deleting your past work. You can edit the linework, too.

Even though it is aimed at professional artists and illustrators such as myself, this app is straightforward enough for children and non-tech savvy adults alike. With this tutorial, I will teach you the easy way to import coloring pages of any black and white art you can find, unlike coloring page specific apps which require you to wait for  updates when you want to color a new picture.

Teach Your Child to Use This Coloring App

Say “Watch” as they sit beside you. Open the app, Go through the process of importing a coloring page. Then tap the brushes menu and the color icon to select a color. Then close the app. Now it’s the child’s turn. I have used this app with children as young as two – with younger children, I simply teach how to select a color and set them up with a blank page. My stepdaughter uses a blank page too and draws from scratch. Even better, this is foundational Photoshop, so if you have a young artist, this will prepare them for commercial application of their creative skills.

Procreate Coloring Pages Tutorial

There are really only three steps- I hold your hand through the picture tutorial so you know exactly what the menus and icons look like. Tutorials are confusing if you don’t know what I mean by Blending Menu- much better when you can see the icon for yourself.

1. Import your coloring page. Find some coloring pages here.

2. Set the coloring page black line layer to multiply.

3. Create a new layer underneath the coloring page black lines layer, this is where you add the colors.

import your coloring page - any black and white image, into Procreate.
first, import your coloring page – any black and white image, into Procreate. Click the plus sign to reveal this menu. Then tap ‘image’.
select your image
Find the image you want to color, if you have downloaded it from online to your tablet choose ‘camera.’ When you find it, it will create a new image file.
create a new procreate menu.
After your page appears, Tap the squares in the top right. This is the layers menu. Tap the plus sign: a new layer appears.
Rearrange the layers in procreate.
Drag and drop the layers so your coloring page is on top.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select the Procreate blending layer by tapping the letter N for the coloring pages layer.
select multiply.
Tap ‘Darken’ then ‘multiply’ then a blue check appears beside Multiply. Tap outside the menu.
Use the bank layer in procreate app
Then open the layers menu and select the blank layer you created earlier. Now you can start coloring. Select your brush by tapping the brush icon, select your colors by tapping the circle icon in the top right. (In my picture, I have selected orange, which is why the circle is orange).
coloring page app
Your colors will appear underneath the black lines. If they do not appear, your lines layer has not been set to multiply. If you draw over the lines, check to see you are using the blank layer underneath the coloring page.


Author: Katana

Katana Leigh is a professional international artist with her paintings at home in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and more. Find her on Artist Katana Shop, Google! and Instagram

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