Creative Workshop with the Elements

the elements of abundance prosperity

Here’s a Lesson from my work with Mary Malinski, the Prosperity Priestess, with the 5 elements applied to the creative process

1. Create Space —  (the air element; creating supportive thoughts)

light some white sage or incense in the space.
Play a guided meditation or music with the energy I want to paint with.
Make all my materials, tools, water, brushes available in the space.
(This frees my creativity to flow when it knows that the space is safe for it to create in and doesn’t have to worry about plans or cleanliness because it has been prepared for and welcomed in. Begins the process of creativity)

2. Call in the Energies I want to work with –  (Water; getting the feelings flowing)

the goddesses or elements I am working with.
My guides and ancestors
The muses and divine inspiration
My own higher perspective
(If this step is forgotten, the work will not flow and will be challenging and I will be distracted)

3. Do The Work (Fire; taking action)

Paint, Draw, Photoshop
(The purpose ; having set the stage, the work can flow smoothly and with ease and purpose)

4. Grounding – Completion (Earth: The Result)

Return to the Square World
Wash brushes, hang up painting to dry, save files.
(If this step is forgotten, the work may be damaged or lost, the materials may become unusable- dried paint in brushes- feeling of incompleteness or having forgotten something)

5. Gratitude: (Spirit: Celebration for completing the work.)

thanks to elements I called in, thanks to the process.
Prayer of thanks.
(If this step is forgotten, either the elements will stick around and cause havoc (like water left unattended, or fire unattended)
or they won’t want to come back when called in the next time because nobody wants to be where they are not appreciated)

Author: Katana

Katana Leigh is a professional international artist with her paintings at home in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and more. Find her on Artist Katana Shop, Google! and Instagram

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