The Red Door Acrylic Painting

The Red Door. 2006. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24" Painting by Katana Leigh

A dark figure kneels beside an organ and a pile of cardboard boxes. A door glows like an ember behind them. An inexplicable red dot hovers over the bench.

I created this painting in 2006, one of the darkest times of my life, alone in Vancouver Canada with a hostile roommate, a part time job and a bleeding bank account. Even then, hope glowed, appearing in my artwork as this door of glowing light.

I painted this on the living room floor of my apartment, using the floor to ceiling windows in the apartment as a reference. I am the darkened figure kneeling on the floor to paint.

The Red Door. 2006. Acrylic on Canvas. 18x24" Painting by Katana Leigh
The Red Door. 2006. Acrylic on Canvas. 18×24″ Painting by Katana Leigh

I thought I was using a purple and yellow palette. I was painting in a dim room, which means I couldn’t see the range of colors accurately. I realize now that the painting worked out because the dim light desaturated the colors and I was painting by value (the range of dark to light) instead of hue (ROYGBIV the fully saturated colors of the rainbow).  The colors were substantially different when I moved out of the dark room and into the light. Teal and orange are now one of my favorite color schemes.

I consider this one of my best works from this time period and sold it for $325 in 2007. I see in it the beginnings of my current series Gates of Lights.

Gates of light monarchs
One of my more recent Gates of light paintings. Into the Light, 18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas 2015


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