Water-Coloring Page MerGoddess

Mermaid goddess painting framed and finished

imageThis Mer-Goddess is a drawing I did a few years ago. I decided to have it printed on some watercolor paper so I could create a watercolor painting.

Painting the blue background of he mermaid first.
Painting the blue background first, then lining up the brush to cleanly pull the green into the tail.
Coloring page for watercolor paint
It’s like a coloring page but for paint.
Mer goddess watercolor painting by Katana Leigh
The almost finished  watercolor painting “Mer Goddess”

A good drawing yields a better quality watercolor painting and so preprinting the drawing made my painting/coloring more relaxing. I was happy I didn’t have any problems with the black ink running. It stayed put while I gently painted in between the lines.

Mermaid goddess painting framed and finished
The mermaid goddess painting “Mer Goddess.”

I’m going to be bringing this mermaid goddess to Spring Mysteries: I’m going to be one of the vendors this year. I think, framed and finished she will sell for $85 once I’ve signed it.

Would you like to paint or color this image? Download the whole coloring book here! 

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