Watercolor Paintings Evergreens and Winter Scenes

Watercolor painting blue mountain
three Christmas trees in the snow
Three stately evergreen on a snowy field. not a footprint to be seen.
frozen watercolor snowflakes art
did you catch my other Frozen reference in this post? Snowflakes inspired by my preschoolers love of Elsa.
alpine fields and mountain range watercolor
a mountain majestically rises from alpine fields.
Watercolor painting blue mountain
This is such a simple watercolor with just a few brush strokes of my favorite blues, that the magic of watercolor transforms to a misty mountain range and cloudy blue skies.
fresh green grass trees autumn colors
This watercolor brings fall colors into the sky while still retaining the fresh green grass I’m still seeing here in Washington.
watercolor painting of clouds and air.
Air: watercolor 5×9″ I love this airy lightness created by the watercolor paints in clouds. I think watercolor is the perfect medium for clouds because both this paint and clouds are made of H2O.
I wanted to use a range of saturated colors in this watercolor of the four elements fire water air and earth.
I created a series of watercolors about the four elements, because I wanted to use a range of saturated colors.

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